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Ever look at an NFL Draft guide and not know where to start?

We know the feeling! That's why we joined forces to break down the NFL Draft into a meaningful resource that's important to Steelers fans. Now that's not to say this book wouldn't be helpful for fans of the league's other 31 teams: however, our focus and a consistent theme throughout this guide was to examine players who best fit the Steelers system.

When we first formulated this idea we had produced a similar eBook which detailed with prospects who either met with or could be on the Steelers radar. Each NFL team is permitted 30 individual visits, however, with the majority of those visits following various combines and pro days, we would never have enough time to publish this book!

In many cases, those interviews overlap with official visits, therefore, the guide has expanded drastically from the 30 players profiled in the past. While every draft-eligible player isn't outlined in this publication, we went above and beyond the official visits and interviews at events such as the NFL Combine and Senior Bowl. This year's edition, while smaller than last year's, still packs over 125 player previews. (Editor's note: it's less this year due to fewer players declaring for the draft, plus to remain focused on only top prospects and/or those athletes who have had official contact with the Steelers.)

Those NFL hopefuls are detailed within these pages complete with stats, analytics, rankings and detailed analysis on the Steelers draft plans.

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April 5
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Joseph Kuzma

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