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Sometimes your future has to wait on a bad boy.

A fast-paced insta-love romance from the desk of six-time USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy

Stella is ready to blow out of this piss hole known as Holly, Missouri. Sitting on top of the water tower overlooking her tiny town, she doesn’t see a thing she’ll miss when she finally makes her dramatic exit.

She just has to get the guts to leave.

Dane roars into town on his prized Harley-Davidson, running from a whole lotta nothin’ to take a job as a mechanic. He bumps into Stella at the perfume shop where she works and decides his only goal in life is to own her.

The couple rip through each other, shocking the town with their antics on the water tower, late nights of drinking, jumping the creek on Dane’s bike, even getting in a knife fight with the locals.

But small towns tend to close ranks, and when one of Dane’s fights over Stella turns deadly, the couple has to decide -- does their love run deeper than their reputations?

-- "Deanna Roy has created a tuck-at-your-heart yet edgy nontraditional romance. The star-crossed lovers are destined for a host of insurmountable problems in a rural Missouri town where one of them is home-grown, and the other an intruder viewed with suspicion." -- Loretta Giacoletto, author of Free Danner

October 16
Casey Shay Press
Casey Shay Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

ledoss ,


I normally do not post spoilers, heads up, this review has spoilers.
Had a little trouble with this one.
Ok, they know each other for two weeks, he goes to prison for 12 years and she works in a diner for those 12 years waiting for him, then, on his release, meets him on a motorcycle in a wedding dress. Where are the classes she wanted to take? The improvement of circumstances, she certainly had time for? Throughout the whole story, I kept shaking my head, going, “really?” I have enjoyed this author’s books, this one was a disappointment.

straighttalker198 ,


Not good

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