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What happens in Vegas? Well, in Danielle Norman’s Until, it’s a whole lot of steamy, sexy, sassy fun in this absolutely delicious rom-com with a taboo (sort of!) twist! An absolute winner! 

New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner

One week in Vegas.

Two people who have tried to deny their feelings.

Three possible outcomes:

Leave together

Leave separated or

Uncover a secret so big it shakes your world.

Everyone sees me as sassy, outspoken, and unafraid. 

When the truth is… I’m scared.

Scared of being rejected.

And scared of having my heart broken.

All by one man, Greek McCreamy Doctor, Tristan Christakos.

The problem is: 

We work together, our families are connected, and if we don’t work out

I’d still be forced to see him.

Can anyone say awkward?

January 22
F Squared LLP
F, Squared LLP

Customer Reviews

Chicky345 ,


Stella is the most vocal member of the Iron Orchids girls, shes also the craziest and is in love with Tristan Christakos. But she knows they cant be anything more, because they work together and she doesn't want to loose her job. Tristan is the last single brother of the Christakos family. He wants more with Stella but she keeps pushing away, but he's figured out a great plan to talk Stella into the relationship he's hoping for. This entire series has been fun, and family oriented. Proud Women pushing each other forward and helping each other out. Stella and Tristan being the last couple was such a great turn of events, and I don't think it could have been any better.

Nanny Trina ,


I’ll be honest, this is the one I anticipated the most & although a great read, I didn’t care for the plot twist, HOWEVER, ; ), Stella didn’t let us down....or Tristan!!!!!
A Must Read!!!!!

Craftychic@69 ,

Misunderstandings Until...

Tristan and Stella are quite a couple. They did not have a typical romance. I truly loved Stella in all the books as you see her strength develop. Stella is an enigma much like her friend Ringo and she is fiercely loyal to those she calls her friends. She wants the HEA for everyone and only dreams of it for herself. Her mouth often gets her in trouble but she would rather retreat than be rejected. She doesn’t understand why Tristan won’t stand by her. These Greek men have to do everything their way. It takes a day with his parents to really set his head straight. They could have left off the epilogue or only carried a few years rather than almost two decades.

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