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In Stephen Coonts's Deep Black: Biowar, cowritten with Jim DeFelice, Dr. James Kegan, a world-renowned scientist specializing in germ warfare, has vanished from his upstate New York home. But this is no ordinary missing-persons case. Kegan has left behind an unidentified dead man with a .22 caliber hole in his skull-and a contact trail that leads to an alleged terrorist cell.

Unraveling the mystery is a job for Kegan's best friend, NSA operative Charlie Dean. His mission is to infiltrate the scientist's circle of associates and decipher Kegan's confidential research. Dispatched to cover Charlie is Delta Force trooper Lia Francesca. The trail leads them to the core of a widespread killer fever that's been dormant for centuries-and its link to a virus that's quickly spreading victim by victim. With time running out Charlie and Lia must find Kegan, uncover his secrets, cut a terrorist threat to the quick, and stop the unimaginable outbreak of a new biological nightmare.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 16
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

pk1kylefan ,

Deep Black Biowar

The book was great, but the spelling and punctuation seemed to be done by amateurs. Proper names weren't capitalized, symbols were in place of letters, and sentences were run together. I really hope that Mr. Coonts doesn't use this publisher again.

Wstrnman1 ,

Great author... To many grammatical errors in the ebok

Stephen Coonts is an amazing author who paints pictures with his words. With that being said, I can't believe the numerous amount of errors in the ebook. The word the appears many times as the word "die". This is what stands out most to me. I would love the opportunity to edit these ebooks for you before they are published. Thanks for the great books Stephen. I would love a response back about the grammatical errors.

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