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Conservative radio host and syndicated columnist Dennis Prager provides a bold, sweeping look at the future of civilization with Still the Best Hope, and offers a strong, cogent argument for why basic American values must triumph in a dangerously uncertain world. Humanity stands at a crossroads, and the only alternatives to the “American Trinity” of liberty, natural rights, and the melting-pot ideal of national unity are Islamic totalitarianism, European democratic socialism, capitalist dictatorship, or global chaos if we should fail.  America is Still the Best Hope, as this eminently sensible, profoundly inspiring volume so powerfully proves.

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April 24
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Customer Reviews

marc jacobs ,

American Exceptionalism Explained

This book explains why the American Value system is superior. In fact, this book explains precisely what the American Value System is. Of course, conservatives will nod their heads in agreement and simply enjoy the clarity of Mr. Prager"s arguments. The intended audience for this book includes our liberal Democrat friends, relatives and neighbors. It is hard to imagine intelligent, open-minded and thoughtful readers of this book not being deeply affected by the ideas presented here. I believe that if every American who usually votes Democratic were to read this book - the political landscape would change one reader at a time as the book is read and absorbed. I wish every member of our government would read this book. I wish every member of the media would read this book. I wish every religious leader in America would read this book. I wish every high school student with a thirst for knowledge would read this book. That is my dream of things that never were and me asking, "Why not?"

GaryiBook ,

A Must-Read!

Clear, concise and compelling. For all who know why, or wish to know why, America is a "shining city upon a hill." Bravo, Mr. Prager, for reminding us of who we are.

Clark Addison ,

Game Winner!

Dennis clearly articulates American values and outlines causes and solutions to help reclaim our founders intent in a day when government expansion threatens the American way of life. A fair treatment of current issues.

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