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In this #1 New York Times bestselling thriller, a TV reporter pursues an exclusive interview with a war hero -- but when disaster strikes Dallas, she must ask his difficult and dangerous son for help.

Kerra Bailey is a TV journalist hot on the trail of a story guaranteed to skyrocket her career to new heights: an interview with Major Franklin Trapper, a reclusive American hero who once led survivors to safety after the bombing of a Dallas hotel. Kerra will do anything to get an exclusive with the Major -- even if she has to secure an introduction from his gruff and unpredictable son, former ATF agent John Trapper.

Trapper was fired from the ATF during his investigation into the same hotel bombing, and now he wants nothing to do with his father. Yet Kerra's curiosity about the story rouses Trapper's interest despite himself. And when the interview ends in catastrophe -- with assailants targeting both the Major and Kerra -- Trapper realizes he needs her if he's going to track down the gunmen and finally discover who was responsible for the Dallas bombing.

Kerra is wary of a man so devastatingly charming one moment and dangerous the next, and she knows Trapper is withholding evidence from his ATF investigation. But with enemies lurking closer and no one else to trust, Kerra and Trapper join forces to expose a sinuous network of lies and conspiracy to uncover who would want a national hero dead.

August 16
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

KPMe1 ,

Stick with it til the end

I read this book for a book club. I'm glad that I read it but I'm afraid that this would have been a completely different review if I hadn't pushed myself to keep reading. It wasn't until I hit 53% that I really connected with the book and started liking it. Actually liking it isn't strong enough, I started loving it and couldn't put it down! Being our monthly read for the book club I felt obligated to push through and I'm so glad that I did. Jordie and Shaw are difficult characters to really connect with. At first it was almost like they were just playing their role but not really filling it. It's hard to really describe, maybe they were more 2 dimensional but then everything changes and they turn into these wonderful characters that you are connecting with and breathless as they go through the story. I wouldn't normally recommend reading a book that took that long for me to get into but I promise, it's worth sticking with it in the end.

B Mifflin ,


As usual I wanted to keep reading nonstop! Always surprises with the twists, Love it

Live to Zumba ,

The Sting

Another great book!

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