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In recent years, there has been an increased interest in the field of healthcare delivery systems. Scientists and practitioners are constantly searching for ways to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of these systems in order to achieve better patient outcome.

This book focuses on the research and best practices in healthcare engineering and technology assessment. With contributions from researchers in the fields of healthcare system stochastic modeling, simulation, optimization and management, this is a valuable read.
Contents: Patient Appointment Scheduling (Joonyup Eun, Sangbok Lee and Yuehwern Yih)A Simulation Model of French Emergency Medical Service (Aboueljinane Lina, Sahin Evren and Jemai Zied)Modeling and Simulation of the Emergency Department of an Italian Hospital (Wanying Chen, Alain Guinet and Tao Wang)Stochastic and Dynamic Programming for Improving the Reservation Process of MRI Examinations (Na Geng)Simulation Modeling of Hospital Discharge Process (Zexian Zeng, Xiaolei Xie, Xiang Zhong, Barbara A Liegel, Sue Sanford-Ring and Jingshan Li)Predictive Modeling of Care Demand and Transition (Xuxue Sun, Zhouyang Lou, Mingyang Li, Nan Kong and Pratik J Parikh)A Multi-agent-based Simulation Model to Analyze Patients' Hospital Selection in Hierarchical Healthcare Systems (Jianpei Wen and Jie Song)Forecasting Recipient Outcomes of Deceased Donor Livers (Rachel M Townsley, Maria E Mayorga, A Sidney Barritt IV and Eric Orman)Internet of Hearts — Large-Scale Stochastic Network Modeling and Analysis of Cardiac Electrical Signals (Chen Kan and Hui Yang)Using Agent-Based Interpersonal Influence Simulation to Study the Formation of Public Opinion (Yu Teng, Nan Kong and Torsten Reimer)Growth Curves of American Children Differ Significantly from CDC Reference Standards (Xiang Zhong, Jingshan Li, Goutham Rao and K P Unnikrishnan)
Readership: Researchers and healthcare practitioners in the field of healthcare delivery systems.
Keywords:Stochastic Model;Healthcare Delivery System;Data AnalyticsReview:Key Features:Focuses on stochastic models and analytics in healthcare systemsIncludes hospital case studies

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