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★★ Everyone needs a guide at some point in life. ★★

Your experiences can be so overwhelming you get to a point where you are unsure of what to do. Many people are going about life today like zombies, just getting by. This is not what life is about. Life is for the living, right? Why should you get through it like a zombie?

Stoicism offers much-needed guidance to help you find your bearings and bring meaning into your life. If you feel stuck, feel like you are in a dead-end job, your career isn't progressing, you are drowning under the pressure of raising a family, or for whichever reason, you feel your life is chaotic, stoic teachings will help you find true peace and happiness.

This book gives you the simplest introduction to stoicism as a way of life. Yes, stoicism is more than just teachings - you live it every day. There are many philosophies in life that can help you stay grounded and find your elusive peace. What's so special about stoicism, then? Well, while most philosophies demand that you learn and embrace new cultures, stoicism is all about you and your mind.

Your pursuit of true happiness, calmness, and peace revolves around decluttering your life. You learn the value of knowing the things you can and those you can't control. You learn how powerful your mind is if you only allow yourself to think clearly and rationally. You also learn how to redefine the meaning of happiness in your life. For the most part, we affix the value of happiness to things, events, and people. Stoic teachings offer a timely reminder that you cannot control those things, hence they cannot be the source of your happiness.

This book teaches you how to look inwards so you can find more than just true happiness, peace, calmness, and self-discipline - you will find a priceless gem - your true self!

Health, Mind & Body
September 25
Anson Yau
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