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Who knew one innocent question would unlock a world of seductive pleasure…

Spending New Year’s Eve with her best friend Ben is nothing out of the ordinary for Robin Sawyer, he’s someone she knows inside-out. So when she asks him what his New Years’ resolution is, his response takes her completely by surprise, leaving her breathless… And a little curious. 

Ben’s resolution is to experience Robin completely – to know her darkest desires by revealing his own. Feeling adventurous, Robin agrees and suddenly she’s introduced to a side of Ben she never knew existed and to sensual gratification unlike anything she’s ever experienced.But as things heat up between the two, their friendship is pushed to new limits. Can Robin hold onto her best friend, or does she want something more?

Only mature readers should download this book.

Fiction & Literature
June 15
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Jax Fraysier ,

Complete Stolen Series

When I bought this series on iTunes, I was thrilled. After I read the first couple of pages, I was rooting for a Robin and Ben. I honestly didn't think it would be Ben who would admit his love first, but I'm glad he did. I was slightly surprised that although there was technically a small love triangle with Robin, her ex, and Ben, that there wasn't any more like Autumn had with Evan and Mark in your Mercy series. Nonetheless, it was a good read. I also enjoyed the role of Robin's brother. He wasn't too protective, and he remained there for her no matter what.

Kahukfyjl ,


Loved this book! It's a great series!!

Smarticles48 ,


Always the best friend never the boyfriend/girlfriend. This book was very touching since it's sorta, kinda relatable. Had a really tough time not crying when Robin decided to just stay friends and not risk anything. I really really enjoyed this series more than I was expecting. Such a great series, I'll be waiting for more.

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