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Taylor Hughes is a rule follower, no detail ever goes overlooked. That attention to detail is imperative in every aspect of her life, especially her job as an event planner

Rule One: The client is always right.
Rule Two: Make it magical.
Rule Three: Go the extra mile for any guest.
Rule Four: Never take anything from an event. (Note: that includes any treats.)

When Hunter Divers, the sexy bartender, handed her a whiskey sour and a ride back to her apartment she forgets all about her rules for one night of recklessness.

What happens when her lapse in judgment leaves her with a keepsake from that night?

June 26
Renee Harless
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Romance213 ,

“You held me that night as if I was the most precious thing in the world.”

I absolutely love the Stolen Series and I highly recommend it because the men are heroes, the women are strong and independent, and the importance of family is an integral part of each story. Taylor and Hunter’s romantic and passionate journey to love is one I will never forget.

Taylor and Hunter shared a passionate evening that she would always remember, but she was not one to put down roots and felt it was best to not see him again. Life has a way of changing your mind very quickly when you need someone to hold your hand and keep you safe. Hunter had noticed Taylor before he saw her at the wedding, but this was the first time he had a chance to talk to her. He hadn’t stopped thinking about her since their night together and he desperately needed to see her again. Hunter couldn’t believe his luck when he bumped into Taylor while shopping. She was just as beautiful as he remembered and he was thrilled when she accepted his lunch invitation. He had an overwhelming need to protect Taylor and always keep her by his side and when she received a devastating phone call, he knew she would need him now more than ever.

KindleKat64 ,

Sweet & Sexy

Oh the things one little glass of whiskey can lead to. This is such a sweet and sexy feel good story that is chock full of emotion and will surely steal your heart! Renee has outdone herself on this incredible series!
Taylor never intended for Hunter to be anything more than a one night stand but fate clearly had other plans for her. She really hit the jackpot with Hunter though. He is amazing and they have chemistry that is overflowing! She makes him want everything he didn’t realize he was ready for. He steps up in such a huge way when Taylor gets some bad news but also more news that turns out will change her life for the better. That second bit of news has a name, Tabitha. And OMG she is adorable. Taylor doesn’t really know what to do but Hunter knows all the right things to say and do. Taylor has a lot to work through emotionally because of her childhood and Hunter has every intention of helping her through it. And so does his amazing family! I love all of these characters so much! It was impossible not to root for Taylor and Hunter to find their HEA from the start!!

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