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This particular morning following public outcry a police raid was carried out and strange discoveries were made. The strangest was a man who walked on his hands and knees like animals. some with mouth agape in astonishment and some other faces covered in tears. That was not the strangest but human flesh and bones were found in this strange man’s abode - the abandoned maintenance house. He was not a ritualist but was described as a cannibal. He ate any flesh, fresh or rotten. Much more than a cannibal. They never took time earlier to decode his language. The police could pick things he said like:
“I built this place. I am not a criminal. You have taken all from me but you cannot take this place or take me from this place...” The baffling truth was that he was speaking fluent and articulated queen's English.
"They said I would climb mountains and hills, cross rivers and valleys and eat like animals," the strange man echoed. The story of Nebuchadnezzar came to mind, hearing his story.
"I served them good and they served me bad. My family abandoned me because of them. I studied in Cambridge that is why I cannot leave this bridge. ‘London bridge is falling down, falling down...’" he reverberated in-between speeches as if imitating or singing our childhood song or poem. But more ominous was that top government white papers, official reports setting out government policy on issues to be voted on by the country's legislature and other secret documents were found in his custody....
Stolen Tomorrow (Political Scavengers Series Book Two) is about a love story, a family puzzle, is about Cafia Autonomous Community and the oppressive government and a call for the young people to fight for their rights and position in the scheme of things to preserve their future. A speculative fiction and dystopian state, a totalitarian government's abuse of power, a police state that must be rescued from the stale politicians and the junta regime.Aaron Bo suffered a lot of persecutions for standing for the truth and fighting for the Masses.

Fiction & Literature
July 6
Ikechukwu Joseph
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