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What’s in your wallet? You okay with a stranger poking through it? I’m not. Never in a million. My wallet is my private little hell. Receipts for embarrassing things and a picture of my dog I still miss. But there I was, standing in a grubby back alley in Bangkok. Wallets scattered on a table in front of me. Each and every one of them stolen. The product of sneaky little fingers. The karma of drunk tourists distracted by scorpions on sticks. But were these wallets … were they empty? Curiosity killed my ethics. I picked one up. Opened it. No money, but … it was full.

These are the stories of my travels.

20 countries. 12 months. 1 Bitcoin.

From China to Europe. From late 2017 to late 2018. Do you remember that year? A historic year. The year of The Crypto Bubble. The big ride up.

At the start of the year I was just another desk jockey. I put in my 9-to-5. I binge-watched Netflix alone. Then I bought a bitcoin for $4,700 — and decided to travel the world on it.

Little did I know it would soon skyrocket to $20,000. Little did I know it was my golden ticket. My red carpet to a world of fast money, greed, hype, hope and corruption. Suddenly I was cruising with the crypto rich. Counting stacks of counterfeit money. Buying stolen wallets…

Then halfway through my journey the bubble popped.

Travel & Adventure
July 9
Earthbound Publishing
Summer Brochtrup