Stone Security: Complete Volume Two Stone Security: Complete Volume Two

Stone Security: Complete Volume Two

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Publisher Description

Enjoy all five books from Stone Security Volume Two. More than 250,000 words of romantic suspense. Includes books: Jack, Crispin, Patrick, Quentin, and Matthew.

Book One: JACK
Jack goes to a small town in Arizona where a local militant group has taken over, harassing honest business owners in an attempt to run them out of town. Jack is pulled into a war between the right and the righteous, caught up in a world that is as foreign to him as a distant country. Among it all, he meets Ruth, an angel who makes him rethink the direction of his life. In the end, he's faced with a choice: the stubborn woman who dominated his past or the pious woman who could fulfill his dreams of the future.

I lost my wife five years ago. I left my job three months ago. My life has never been in such a state of flux. I'd always known what to do and how to do it. But now, it seemed like fate or the universe, or whatever was determined to push me down a road I couldn't control. And her name was Alli. A wildcat like no one I'd ever known before, she was almost more than I could handle. Therefore, when I learned we'd be stuck in a car together for three days, I was not exactly thrilled. She had this way of plowing through life, knocking people out of her way whenever they got too close. But she found her match when she came up against me. I wasn't going anywhere, even if it meant risking everything, including my heart.

Book Three: PATRICK
No one knew who he was, and that was a source of pride to him for a long time. But those secrets were growing heavy, almost too heavy to carry on his own. Patrick Shaughnessy loved his work at Stone Security, but he was wondering if it wasn't time to move on, to find a way to unburden himself from his past. But then this woman bursts into his life, a victim of a vicious attack that is too reminiscent of a time of darkness in his past that he's been running from for more than a decade. He offers this woman sanctuary, doing for her what he might have wanted for his sister or for the woman he loved. But when he catches her in a lie, can he continue to protect her and face the possibility of his carefully hidden past unraveling around them, or will he run?

Book Four: QUENTIN
They foreclosed on his family's ranch while he was away fighting a war on terror. He brought the fight home with him, turning the life of the man who served the papers, the man who broke promises and stole from his family, upside down. He promised he'd take everything away from this bank manager, and he was very close to fulfilling that promise. But then she walked into his life and turned it upside down. Can Quentin Forrester save his family from the shame and poverty that losing their livelihood dropped on them with a distraction as complete as Malaika Gray? Can he be cynical and still feel hope? Can he save them both from a shared enemy?

Book Five: MATTHEW
Matthew Pearce was a member of the Guardians, the militant religious group responsible for the death of Harry Cravits. He hadn't been able to save Harry, but he did what he could to help Jack Stone put his killer in jail. But that guilt never went away and wouldn't until he could stop the Guardians from the darkness they were spewing on his hometown. He has to go back, has to take up arms with the Guardians again in order to take them down from the inside. But why does she have to pick this moment to come home? Whit Ellington is the girl of Matthew's dreams, but she is also a reporter threatening to spill everyone's secrets. Can he protect her and take down the Guardians?

November 8
Glenna Sinclair
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Justin' Case ,


I should have stopped after the first volume. I only bought the second volume to see why there was another book for Jack. I wished I hadn’t looked.
I fell in love with Jack and Rae in first book and how she was supportive throughout the rest of the family’s stories. The Rae in this book was a b***ch. I can’t even read any of the books in this collection.
I wanted to put this warning out to any other potential readers out there that loved this couple and are curious like I was about the 2nd Jack story.
Have enjoyed many of Glenna Sinclair’s books and will try her again in the future, but not any others from Stone Security series.

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