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Who are the Sky People and what is the Sky’s Eye? What do they have to do with the ancient document held by the Triplet family since 1099? What is the purpose of the mysterious stone, kept with the document? Why was the document written in thirteen different languages? Does the number thirteen provide a clue? When translated, what is the ultimate power the document speaks of?

Sir Richard and his ‘family’ will begin a quest for the answers. Unfortunately, he and his group aren’t the only ones looking for this ultimate power. His opponents already have a two-day head start. Their journeys will lead them to the cradles of civilisation, but where does their journey start? What will they discover at the end? Why are James and Donna so important to this quest?

What about the situation between Richard and Donna? Is he still lying to her? Did he send the threatening letter? Everyone, including Joyce believes Richard would be the logical choice. Richard swears he didn’t send it, but if he didn’t then who did? Who sought Joyce's help through a mysterious phone call to the mine? Would Joyce regret the choice she made?

Where does Kate fit in? Does she hide a secret of her own? Is Tom an ordinary little boy, or is he special like James and Donna? Why does he know so much about the Dine’é Yá? Who told him? Who is Candice Stuart and what important part will she play in James’s future?

Fiction & Literature
July 12
John Chapman
Smashwords, Inc.

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