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If you really want to stop a cheater cold, you need the tactics the most highly paid snooping pros use. This book gives the tools you've been missing to be sure about whether or not your partner is cheating on you and abusing you behind your back.

You have to know for sure, and you have to know what to do about it.

Your power is your mind. You have to master the art of cheater psychology, sense the clues, know when to pounce and expose...and do it all with the calm confidence that tells your cheater in no uncertain terms...

"I know what you're doing, and I won't take it anymore!"

In a nutshell, you have to be a master detective and psychological profiler all rolled into one. Don't let that scare you. Once I tell you how to do it, it'll be a walk in the park.

Here's what I mean...

You'll know why the nag or the critic is a red flag. I'll tell you the true significance of constant criticism. The nastiness and nagging is not just a bad mood. I'll show you how to tell the difference and how to use it as a crystal ball for your relationship's future.

Become a behavior profiler that makes the CSI guys look like chumps. Behavior change for a cheater is like the smoking gun they can't get rid of. It's the biggest dead giveaway when somebody starts acting differently out of the blue. If your partner's showing new behavior (sudden changes in work routine such as later nights or longer lunches), I'll tell you what to do about it. And speaking of behavior changes...

I'll show you the secret sabotage almost everybody misses...or misinterprets. Suppose your partner dramatically lets them self go. Laziness? Maybe. But it could be a sign your relationship is going to crash and burn. And what if your partner dramatically improves their looks? You might like it and miss the possible danger sign—why didn't this person look better for you before? There could be something else going on.

Discover expert Private Investigator phone tactics. Anybody can sneak a peek at somebody's cell phone. You need to go way beyond that. I'll show you how to be psychologically aware of how your partner uses the phone. But that's only step one. I'll also hand you seriously powerful technical wizardry to let you dig into your partner's cell phone or home phone to get the evidence you need.

You'll become a feared Shadow, and never get caught. Shadowing is the technique all sophisticated espionage groups use to get the goods without getting "burned". It's not as hard as it sounds. You don't have to be a CIA operative to do it well. You'll be stealthy, powerful, and unstoppable. You won't have to trust your partner's promises anymore.

Get the insider techno-tactics geek's use to rule the world. The Internet and other modern technologies make it easier for your partner to cheat. If you know what you're doing, though, they also make it hugely easier for you to catch a cheater, from tracking every keystroke on your home computer to every website the person ever visits. It's shockingly easy, and you'll know how to do it all.

Learn why sex does matter. If your sex life changed abruptly some time ago, the alarm bells should be screaming. You need to take massive positive action right away! I'll show you all of the things you do (the ones that really work) so you can take your life back.

You'll master techniques to stay calm, no matter what. Anger, panic, and other emotions will kill your success deader than dead. You have to be calm and strong, no matter how nasty a confrontation gets. That's especially true if you have kids in the house, and goes double if the cheater comes forward first. You'll know how to protect the kids can remain confident as the one who was cheated upon.

This is the arsenal you need to stop cheating dead in its tracks, no matter if it's been going on for years or just started. And here's even better news...Do something to stop that cheater cold...

January 22
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