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Are You Miserable at Work? Hundreds of thousands of people wake up each Monday morning dreading their work day ahead, feeling trapped in a job that makes them unhappy. Here is a proven and effective way to find happiness at work without quitting your job, giving up your dreams, or selling your soul. It’s not about finding a new job, following your passion or leaving your cubicle for good. It’s about making your current job work – and ditching the misery aside to be happier at work. What’s the difference between people who struggle with misery at work and those who have found a way to make work, work for them? It’s certainly not quitting your current job to find something “better.” It’s not “following your passion” by ditching Corporate America altogether on a whim. And most importantly, it’s not about accepting that work is supposed to be miserable. In fact, it’s something that you can start changing in the next few minutes, provided you implement what you are about to read. After years of struggling with trying to find happiness at work, I developed a proven system that has since helped clients and friends reignite their passion and engagement at various jobs across the country and improve their overall quality of life.You have the ability to change your current work situation without quitting – you can be happy at work, even if you are currently miserable there. I have seen clients transform from unhappy employees to top contributors – while creating a better work/life balance and achieving personal milestones in their “home life.”Being happy at work brings you even more happiness outside of work. I want to help you turn your misery and hate for your job, into satisfaction and love. If you are ready to commit to stop hating your job and start living a fuller life, than this book is for you.

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July 16
Melissa Anzman
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