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Relationships aren't easy. Relationships are often confused and messy with partners trying to find happiness in all the wrong ways.

Real relationships get messy because even though you think your life partner is just like you, he or she isn't. You are two different people trying to meet the challenge of creating and maintaining a happy and loving relationship without much useful information.

To make matters worse, you're in the midst of the outmoded role expectations of a culture that values drama and competition and extreme busyness. Most media doesn't help. It focuses on difficult relationships, not successful ones.

Ordinary relationships have their ups and downs and almost nobody writes about those cycles. It's no wonder there are so many misunderstandings. Creating a lasting, loving, growing relationship is an incredible challenge. It's completely natural to have questions about your relationship.

I've been answering questions about relationships. Since 1973 when I was in newly minted TA (Transactional Analysis) therapist and was sure I had the answers to all the problems of the world. I had been married for 13 years and we had survived some major challenges. I was happily learning and using our new tools. We are still married and in the 40+ years of marriage and practice since 1973 I've learned a lot.

It's been my pleasure and privilege to help people sort out the misconceptions, misunderstandings and challenges of creating happy, loving relationships. Being happy together is a gift my husband Jonathan and I have given each other through the work of addressing issues as they arise. It's a gift you can have also; by giving it to each other.

This material is a lightly edited transcription of the Quick Read Audio Book that was originally titled "The Top 10 Hidden Beliefs About Relationships And How To Stop Them From Poisoning Your Marriage." It's focused on showing you how to recognize the 10 myths that kill marriages and replace them with tested relationship-building strategies so that you can use your power to create a fabulous relationship -- starting now!
I decided to release the material in this form only after enthusiastic clients urged me to make it more widely available.

It is the first book in the "Secrets of Happy Relationships Series."
Laurie Weiss

December 15
Laurie Weiss
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