Stop Wasting Your Time Blaming Others for Your Life: 15 Life Lessons to help you take back control of your Life, Relationships and Career

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Let’s be real, it’s easy to blame others, bad relationships, childhood experiences, bad influences and environments for your circumstances, but he “Blame Game” gets you nowhere! The truth is, you are responsible for everything in your life. This includes your choices and decisions, your reactions to people and situations, and your ability to overcome obstacles and move beyond perceived limitations. When you blame someone or something else, you are not taking responsibility for yourself and you give away your power to change your circumstances.

In this book, advice columnist and personal success coach, Tamara Hartley, shares some of her most difficult life experiences and how she used to blame everyone around her for her life; including her parents, classmates, teachers, spouse, coworkers, and Oprah Winfrey (YES, even Oprah)! She talks openly about real-life issues and sticky situations that many of us face. From being a teenage and single parent, to being teased and taunted in high school, experiencing breakups and bad relationships, enduring financial hardships, and being stuck in a dead-end career. Tamara then shares the greatest life lessons she learned through these difficult situations when she stopped blaming others, took full responsibility for herself, and took back control of her life.

Known for her candid and transparent style and “keeping it real,” Tamara reveals personal details about her journey and the choices and decisions she made that shaped her experiences. Each chapter shares a story, a lesson learned, and the choice Tamara made to move beyond each situation and to move her life forward. At the end of each chapter is a special opportunity for you, the reader, to reflect on your own journey and experiences. You too have the power to change your life and make new and better choices to create the life you want and deserve! But first, you have to stop blaming others for your life and take back control of your life, relationships and career.

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November 1
Tamara Hartley
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