Store Design: A Complete Guide to Designing Successful Retail Stores Store Design: A Complete Guide to Designing Successful Retail Stores

Store Design: A Complete Guide to Designing Successful Retail Stores

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---"Bill Green is a true leader in the complex world of retail design. And the depth and breadth of his experience is what makes Store Design an invaluable tool for retailers, landlords, architects, even shoppers—anyone who’s interested in the physical and philosophical foundations of a successful store." --- Tom Arsovski, Principal, AIA, RTKL Associates, Inc.

---"As a professional working with retail clients and their facilities, Store Design is an invaluable resource for all project stakeholders in the retail environment. It's a concise but complete overview of the design perspectives critical to creating spaces that excite, energize and most importantly motivate consumers to make purchases. I highly recommend adding Store Design to your required reading list!" --- Kevin Krak, President, Gallant Building Solutions

Retail design is different. It’s a specialty. When done well, it works like magic. You want to build successful stores that are magnets for attracting customers, intriguing them, and selling products and services. The ideas in Store Design will help you design great retail experiences. Analyze your client's design needs according to type of store, location, the product, price-point, and budget. Systematically design and organize a store that reinforces a desired image, attracts shoppers and motivates them to buy. Create flexible, timeless and tasteful stores. Entice customers to enter the store, shop, buy and return again and again.

The main components of store design are revealed chapter by chapter. Each axiomatic component leads to a selection process of “either-or” design subsets: open or closed front; strong or neutral design; accessible or inaccessible product display; and so on. This is the core of the retail design process. Use these design principles to build a store design that meets every concern of the retailer. Create a correct and memorable store image, a sensible floor plan, effective product presentation, an arresting storefront design, and vibrant, energy-efficient lighting.

When done, you will know that your store design works: functionally, aesthetically, and psychologically. You will have created the right store for your product, your location, and your retailer, because you will have used sound design principles to make every decision along the way.

Loaded with many photos and illustrations, Store Design explains everything in five chapters. Also, there is a useful glossary of retail architecture terms, and a step-by-step checklist to take you through the design process.

Store Design is a guided, logical approach for designing a retail store. It will provide a simple, easy-to-follow design template. It will reinforce your existing skills and experience. And it will also serve as a knowledge base for the entire team so everyone can understand and follow the design process. Anyone can gain the equivalent of years of retail design experience simply by reading and adopting its ideas. Why wait? Get Store Design now and get going on your next retail store.

Store Design is the Complete Guide to Designing Successful Retail Stores.

42 photos & illustrations plus design checklist.

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