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Take a trip in a sip, a journey through time and place via the cocktail glass.

Storied Sips explores the histories and recipes of 40 classic cocktails. From light-bodied quenchers to rich, complex warmers, Storied Sips reignites the social tradition of cocktail hour and offers inspired drinks for any occasion and time of year.

Optimized for your iPad, this special interactive version of Storied Sips invites you to:

Explore the history of cocktails across centuries and continents with an interactive timeline that reveals the origins of your favorite drinks.

Discover cocktails made with your favorite liquors or try new spirits using the Cocktail Spinner.

Plan and shop with ease by selecting the cocktails you want to make and emailing a shopping list to yourself without closing the eBook.

Delve deeper into each cocktail with bonus audio commentary and alternate recipes.

Mixed media illustrations by award-winning Danish artist Poul Lange enhance the book’s iconic, vintage appeal. Featuring classic bottle labels, postcards, and magazine images, the illustrations are paired with delectable recipes and deeply researched backstories for a new look at the world’s most iconic cocktails.

A cocktail without a backstory is nothing more than spirits and mixers. But spike that drink with an anecdote about the people, places, and circumstances that influenced its creation, and imbibers are instantly transported to a different time. Step into a British officer’s club in 1920s Burma, disembark in colonial Bermuda, or join F. Scott Fitzgerald and Cole Porter at The Ritz Hotel in Paris. More than a sum of its parts, Storied Sips is a book about living the good life, treating oneself to a dash of civilized escapism at the end of a busy day.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine
October 8
Diversified Publishing
Penguin Random House LLC