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Before the school bell rang on September 1st, we were already falling in love.

Stories of September is a collection of sweet and sexy romance novellas from 10 best selling authors obsessed with falling in love.  All new.  All standalones.  Guaranteed to make you swoon.

September 22
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

jillybeanreads ,

Fantastic FANTASTIC anthology!!

He Made Me Stay--
Wow. I don't know how K managed to write such a truly heartbreaking, yet hopeful story in so few pages but she did. This ones hurts friends. It's devastating at times. But Kit and Jasper are there to make it better. These two characters were written wonderfully and their distinct personalities are spectacular. 5 stars for this hit you in the feels treat!

Mr. Klein is Fine by Meghan Quinn--
Seriously another fantastic addition to this anthology! Gunner and Lindsay's story was so fun and so sexy and had SO much heart! I was immediately hooked on these characters and it makes me want to go on a Meghan binge NOW! 5 swoon-worthy stars for this one!

Headmaster Taurin by Ella Fields--
This story was everything I love in an Ella Fields story and more, packed into a seductive little package! Rose and Cooper and the mysterious Headmaster Taurin are INCREDIBLE characters. I fell in love with Rose and Cooper's connection and their initial hesitation and eventual embracing of the dark and debauched Nightingale society. Taurin's role was seriously sexy yet endearing as he helped them navigate their true desires. Of course I would love more from these characters, but Ella's spectacular writing and ability to tell a story will leave you feeling complete. 5 alluring stars for Headmaster Taurin!!

Just for a little while by Fiona Cole--
Well Fiona just smashed it out of the ballpark with this short story. Seriously, this story and these characters were SO WELL DEVELOPED! What magic is this that this author can write something so steamy, but with so much feeling in so few words? I want more! MORE! But if I don't get it, I will still think of Willem and Arabella with a blush and a smirk often. 5 yummy stars for this one!

The Painter by Amelia Wilde--
Whoa this story was sexy and intriguing! Erich and Madison had so much heart, and their chemistry was just ready to boil over. These two artists brought the depth and soulmate feels completely! Great taste and a satisfying end, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more! 5 stars for The Painter!

Dirty Little Secrets by Trilina Pucci--
Oh YES I love this world Trilina has created! Ava, Jackson and Holt's story was a fun sexy addition that left me blushing and smiling throughout! T did a great job developing a "whole" short story that felt complete if she so chooses to leave it at this. I LOVE this world though!! 5 stars for this quick and steamy read!

I'll be back with more reviews from this anthology later!

Geynar G. ,

Wow! 🔥🔥🔥

Dirty Little Secrets by Trilina Pucci

Trilina brings the sexy back! This story is sweet and sexy everything I wanted, I loved this characters and seeing them together makes me melt.
This one is gonna knock your socks off.
5 stars

Just for a little While by Fiona Cole

Why are this stories so good and so short!! Lol
What a great novella, forbidden and steamy. Arabella and Willem are gonna heat up your kindle. Fiona knows how to write a forbidden age gap, with so much chemistry. Fast and enjoyable read. 4.5 stars

Head Master Taurin by Ella Fields
Ok, Ella surprised me with this one. Soo good, soo dirty!
4 stars

All Encompassing Books ,

Five Star YA anthology!!!

Headmaster Taurin by Ella Fields

WOW...I need a cold shower after that hot and steamy short story! If you have read Evil Love by this author then you know this world and all it entails...this secret society is dark, erotic, and enticing. Cooper & Rose get caught up in the excitement of their initiation, experience the confusion and acceptance of it, all while navigating their relationship that now holds another layer to it. It is HOT, HOT, HOT, and Headmaster Taurin will leave you wanting more of him.

Fumbled Future by Meagan Brandy

I have been wanting Mia's story ever since reading Fumbled Hearts by this author. Mia is a firecracker and she deserves her own HEA. I loved her feistiness and determination in this story to only open her heart to those who deserve it; and her second chance with Austin was fun, witty, steamy and I wanted more of them!! I loved Austin's playful demeanor with her. Their chemistry and connection was apparent from their first scene together, and you just knew they belonged together. Their story was so natural and real that it was easy to cheer for these two and swoon over their young love.

Dirty Little Secrets by Trilina Pucci

This story took me by surprise! I knew the world I was entering into but had no idea what direction this was going, and I loved that about it. The heroine is a bit naive but open to experiencing life and love any way it happens to her; and the heroes will take you by surprise. These relationships were both so raw and real that I couldn't decide which way the story should go, and by the end, I just wanted more of them. This is a fun and steamy young adult romance that will leave you wanting more of these characters!

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