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Sam Castleton has fame, houses all over the world, and one really big problem—he’s got an album due and he can’t write. All he wants is a quiet place to get his head straight. Dale, Georgia, seems like the perfect quiet spot to try to hear the music again and get some lyrics down on paper.

With her daughter’s paternal grandparents making a sudden appearance and the difficulties of running her own lodge and being a single mom, Faith Adams doesn’t have the time to worry about the mysterious stranger staying in one of her cottages, no matter how sexy he is.

Her newest guest may be surly, but his money is good, so she’s willing to overlook his surly nature. If only she could ignore the way he awakens a searing hunger in her...

Each book in the Dale series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Giving It All
Book #2 Going Home
Book #3 Storming the Castle

June 26
Entangled Publishing, LLC

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I'm not a huge fan of rock star romances but I did really enjoy this one. Granted there isn't much about is rock star life in the story. It's simply a feel good romance with very little angst and a nice build to the conclusion. The writing is excellent and the characters are very well done. My only minor complaint about the book is that it got a bit bogged down in the middle. I would have like a quicker pace to the story. Overall a very entertaining read and a book I would definitely recommend.

Sam Castle has been working and touring for what seems like all his life. Living hard and fast, drinking way too much. He knows he needs to get away and reset his life so after his last tour stop he falls off the grid and stays at a small B&B in never heard of Dale, GA. That's where he meets the very beautiful innkeeper Faith Adams and her young daughter. The time they spend together and the simple life of this community heal Sam's tattered soul. Now all he has to worry about is his heart.

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Cute rocker book!

This was not at all what I expected from a rocker book. It was a pleasant surprise. Sam is coming off tour and he fears he is turning into an alcoholic. He has his manager find a remote place for him to stay for a couple months to get himself back into shape and to write the next album he is in contract for.

Faith is a widow and single mom who took a chance and bought a bed and breakfast that also has cabins on the property. This way she can raise her daughter close to her while working. This so happens to be the place Sam's manager chooses to send him for his regrouping.

For a rocker book, this was actually pretty cute. You got a 5 year old little girl, a dog and a down to earth bombshell who doesn't know who Sam is. There attraction is immediate but not pursued. It was more a slow burn that allowed the reader to see these to get drawn in slowly.

I kept expecting to for a nasty ex or groupie to pop up in the story and was pleasantly surprised to see the author kept it all about Faith, her daughter and Sam. She did provide us with some great side characters that had me immediately researching to see if they have their own books. I'm happy to say they do and pre-ordered them on the spot.

Great story! ARC provided by NetGalley.

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