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The Story of a Common Soldier is a compelling coming of age tale that will appeal not only to Civil War buffs but to anyone who enjoys autobiographies. Written at the urging of his youngest son, when Stillwell was a mature man--a lawyer, judge, and member of the Kansas legislature, it combines graphic detail (provided by his war diary and letters written at the time to his family) with the insights of a thoughtful man looking back on those horrific times.

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Customer Reviews

Gisseppe del bog ,

Very worth the time

Leander’s story of his time fighting in the war of the union is very vivid and eye opening. The writing is dated using terms and words not common now however there is a simplicity to his writing that allows people not experienced in old books to read it much easier. This story is not particularly action packed he participated in multiple battles but they are his own accounts not a story fine tuned to get the blood pumping. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a better insight to the life of a infantry man slowly working his way up the ranks. Great piece of history right here.

JakeyL ,

Good Book

An interesting read for those interested in the civil war. The book helps you see what the life of a soldier was like through the eyes of the one who lived it. Even though his regiment didn't take part in any of the major battles, it still gave an informative narrative of everyday experiences of a soldier.

Gary Slicker ,

The Story of a Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War, 1861-1865

A most excellent and authentic account of Civil War life. It made me feel like I lived it myself for a brief time while reading this account. Highly recommend it.

Gary Slicker

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