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A week has passed since Mark explored a new side of his sexuality, and he can't get Ryan off his mind. Hosting a gathering for his friends, he hopes to repeat that night of passion and keep exploring his new feelings. Continuing on from Straight to the Cock, this story recounts Mark and Ryan's second night of passion, and their growing hunger for another man's body. Was it all just curiosity, or have these men found a new addiction in each other?

[Warning: This story is for ADULT reading ONLY. It contains graphic sex, foul language and two men exploring their deepest desires for each other. All characters are 18 or older.]

  The sound of the door hinges creaking jolted me back to reality. I sat up to see a silhouette standing in the doorway.

  "Who's that?" I asked, trying to make sense of the situation, but my sight was still blurred from the vodka pumping through me. It was a man's figure, muscular and tall. One of the guys. He turned back and shut the door in silence, and I heard the lock click into the handle.

  "I can't sleep…" Ryan said, clearing up all my confusing.

  "F**k man," I replied with a sigh of relief, "you scared the shit out of me."

  "Can you help me with something?" He asked, lifting his shirt off. I took a moment to process what was happening. I wouldn't have to wait at all. The feeling my body cried out for was moments away. My desire for another man was about to be fulfilled. The present I had waited for stood right in front of me.

  I could feel the adrenaline start to pump around my body. This was about to happen again. I felt jolts of electricity begin cascading from my cock to every part of my body. I felt my shaft start to harden as it swelled in excitement. Ryan dropped his shirt to the ground and stepped towards the bed."

June 16
Indulgica Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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