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A novella set in the hard-scrabble world of James S. A. Corey's NYT-bestselling Expanse series, Strange Dogs follows a family of colonists on Laconia where a new generation of humanity struggles with the profound changes that come with making a home on an alien world. Now a Prime Original series.
Like many before them, Cara and her family ventured through the gates as scientists and researchers, driven to carve out a new life and uncover the endless possibilities of the unexplored alien worlds now within reach.
But soon the soldiers followed and under this new order Cara makes a discovery that will change everything.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 18
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Prairie_Dog ,

Strange Side Story from an Alien World

“Strange Dogs” is a odd novella set between the novels “Babylon's Ashes” and “Persepolis Rising.” It is told from the perspective of a little girl who has grown up on the Planet Laconia. Her parents were part of a survey crew who were present when Admiral Duarte and his soldiers came through the ring gate and took the system.

She considers Laconia her home, and doesn’t fear its alien wildlife. So when she encounters some strange looking dog-like forms, she accepts the miraculous assistance they can provide her...

This is a chilling little side story in the narrative of The Expanse. It doesn’t appear to be critical to the main thread of the novels, but fills in some details of the overall universe.

BK-NYC Jimmy ,

“Pet Sematery”... in... Spaaace!

Was this great? I don’t know, but I do appreciate the way the authors of “The Expanse” are keeping our appetites whetted with these little vignettes.

Hajjjdks ,

Good but too short

Great book but I wish there was more to it and I hated how it left off I thought there was more to the story but nope. Just 100 pages of some other stupid book they put in there as a sample. So it only gets three stars. I love the main series though.

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