Strange Encounters of the ENF Kind: ENF, CMNF, and Humiliation Stories with Supernatural Twists

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Many women know the feeling of walking alone in the dark woods at night, and feeling a strange chill go up their spine. The women in this book feel that chill spread over their breasts, butt, thighs, and... well, everywhere over their suddenly naked, blushing bodies. Strange Encounters of the ENF Kind contains five frighteningly good ENF stories, each with a new and erotic supernatural twist.

"Dr. Perva's Halloween Party" takes you to Transylvania, where the beautiful and depraved Dr. Perva is throwing a world-class monster mash where many gorgeous creatures are doomed to be stripped naked. "A Giving Woman" introduces you to Lucina, a sweet little pushover who meets a hypnotist who wants her clothes. "All-Natural Dining" takes you into the kitchen of chef Karen West, who discovers a special mushroom that destroys the inhibitions of any poor woman who tastes it. "Eaten Out of House and Clothes" showcases Kelsey, who falls afoul of a clothing-shredding security device. And finally, "Blessing of the Boggart" tells an epic tale of Leonora, a high school senior with a powerful magical friend- Dust, the boggart. The problem is, Dust wants nothing more from the friendship than to humiliate Leonora as much as he can.

KS Thompson's long-awaited second book continues in the humorous, character-based style that has received praise from such ENF luminaries as EmperorDalek ("I love your writing...") and ToddCheese ("really enjoyable"). Besides the humor, wit, and tantalizing description you expect, the stories in this collection dabble in all sorts of new genres and kinks, like transformation, hypnotism, wedgies, and ENM. But don't worry, the stars of the show will always remain the embarrassed, naked women. All fans of ENF, EUF, CMNF, Humiliation, and Naked in Public stories will doubtless be delighted by the fiendishly fantastical stories in this collection.

Fiction & Literature
July 13
KS Thompson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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