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*You look awesome.*

This is a typical text from Jake, the mysterious guy who saved Mary from the Shadowman. After everything had settled down, he started sending little messages to her. They brighten her day and make her feel special. She likes Jake. He's different like her. A freak. They send texts back and forth frequently, and Mary hasn’t told anyone about him. He's her secret friend.

When the TV producer Regina Smith comes to ask Gran for help, Mary pushes Gran to take her up on the opportunity. Regina wants them to go to Alabama to help a group of paranormal investigators, who are making a reality show. They've stumbled onto a real haunted house, and if no one steps in, they're going to get themselves killed. But Mary doesn't really care about that. She wants to go because Jake lives in Alabama. And she hopes to meet him. But when Gran’s kidnapped, Mary no longer hopes to meet Jake, she has to meet him. He’s her only hope of rescuing Gran. But mysteriously, he has stopped answering her texts.

To save Gran, Mary not only has to contend with two malevolent ghosts but also the paranormal investigators who will stop at nothing to capture evidence of the paranormal. If they have to, they’ll put Gran and Mary at risk. They will get the ghosts one way or another.

You know how ghosts are made, right?

This is the fourth book in The Scary Mary Series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 14
S.A. Hunter
Smashwords, Inc.

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Mamnon az app khobeton ,



Pris4264 ,

Teen paranormal

This series is really good. As an adult I liked them but if my kids were teens or tweens again this would be a pretty good series for them!

Darkprincess1367 ,

Scary Mary Series

I have all Four, looking forward to Fifth. Read them out loud to granddaughter and we really like them a lot!

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