Not Your Normal Paranormal

Christine Pope and Others
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Eight Complete Novels Featuring Psychics, Demons, Aliens, Angels, Gods and Goddesses, Time Travel, and More!

Dive into eight different worlds that aren’t your normal paranormal. These aren’t your run of the mill vampire, werewolf, and witch stories. Immerse yourself in these unique, full-length novels from national bestselling authors:

Falling Dark ~ Christine Pope

Rune Gate ~ Mark E. Cooper

Beyond the Veil ~ Pippa DaCosta

Deception ~ Stacy Claflin

Fated ~ Sara C. Roethle

Nolander ~ Becca Mills

The Girl In Between ~ Laeken Zea Kemp

Bad Vibrations ~ Christine Pope

April 1
Vulture's Eye Publications
Sara Roethle

Customer Reviews

Sara0024 ,


I read all but one book which was the book about the fea.

Every book in this collection was sooooo much fun to read. Hard for me to put it down

Thank you fur such a great collection of supernaturals! LOVE IT

SheriAnn84 ,

A nice collection of stories

I took the average stars of all my below reviews to come up with my overall 3 star rating. It actually worked out to be 3.2 stars.

Book 1: Bad Vibrations by Christine Pope
A generous 2 stars

This book is filled with far too many details than what is necessary for such a weak storyline, and suffering through all those grueling details got me nothing more than a very unfulfilling and anticlimactic end. The author often interrupts conversations between 2 characters to insert the unimaginably dull thoughts of the narrator. The narrator's droning was typically so lengthy that by the time the conversation picked back up, I'd completely forgotten about what the characters were discussing.

Book 2: Pisces: A Zodiac Flame Novel by Rachel Medhurst
A solid 3 stars

I really enjoyed reading this book. The storyline was a tad weak. I finished the book and was still a bit unclear about the mission and the upbringing of the 12 kids. A little more background would have been nice. The ending could be seen from almost the very beginning but this was still an enjoyable read with a sweet love story. A good book for a rainy day.

Book 3: Beyond the Veil by Pippa DaCosta
5 stars

I'm giving this 5 stars because it had me hooked from the first page and left me wanting more after the last page. Who doesn't love a good story about demons and villains and romance? I finished reading this almost 2 months ago, and it is still with me. I still remember how it began and ended. Great work!

Book 4: Bitter Ashes by Sara C Roethle
5 stars

The storyline here could be a little confusing, but I imagine the remainder of the series will answer any lingering questions. I thought this book was fantastic though! It has it all; mystery, intrigue, violence, romance, magic... Everything you want in a story. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Well done, Ms. Roethle.

Book 5: Deception: The Transformed, book 1 by Stacy Claflin
3 stars

A nice tale of vampires and love. An enjoyable, quick read. I didn't appreciate how the author mimicked the Twilight series in many ways while also poking fun of it. It seemed a bit sad, really. However, the story did leave me wanting more and was pretty well-written.

Book 6: The Legacy of the Key: Ancient Guardians by S.L. Morgan
3 stars

I'm only giving this 3 stars because it took 6 or 7 chapters for the story to draw me in. Once it did, though, it was a sweet love story with some action and suspense mixed in. However, it was not good enough to make me rush to the App Store to buy the rest of the series.

Book 7: Nolander by Becca Mills
1 star

I'm not usually a tough critic, but for me personally, this book was just dreadful. My first thought after finishing the story was, "What a waste of time." The story is so confusing and convoluted that the author even felt the need to include a dictionary of terms and characters. Perhaps the remainder of the series would answer all the questions I have about the plot and characters, but I just don't care enough to pay for it or waste anymore time on it. I can't imagine anyone enjoying this.

Book 8: The Girl In Between by Laeckan Zea Kemp
3 stars

Why are so many authors so extremely long-winded? Kemp managed to take a highly intriguing and unique plot and water it down with so much extra nonsense that at times, I felt like giving up on the book altogether. I actually really love the idea for this story, but can't bring myself to continue on with the series. It was just too exhausting trying to wade through the fluff in order to get to the meat of the story.

Book 9: Rune Gate by Mark E. Cooper
4 stars

This book would get 5 stars from me except for one fact: I felt that the addition of all the other characters in the last 200 pages was a bit much. It became difficult to follow at that point, and I began to lose a little interest. However, while the rest of the books in this collection seem to be geared more toward young adults, I appreciated that this storyline was more solid and serious. Of the nine stories in this collection, I'd say this one is definitely in the top 3.

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