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Stranger sex is one of those hardcore fantasies that just seems sexy as can be. At Naughty Daydreams Press, we understand the allure of sex with stranger scenarios, and so do our authors! These five stories are sure to please, and you’ll be amazed at some of what happens to the lovely ladies! There’s anal sex with strangers, group sex with strangers, and more! Get ready for some scorching hot erotica.

1. JESSICA GOES CLUBBING & GETS HER BUTT STUFFED IN THE BACK OF A VAN ( Jessica’s Backdoor Episode Three Description by Debbie Brownstone

Debbie Brownstone’s anal queen Jessica is back in this red-hot short. This time, Jessica heads to a club with her friend Paula, but she doesn’t stay inside for long. There’s a man who’s interested. He has a van. He has a penis. That’s all Jessica needs to make sure her backdoor gets the pounding she wants.

2. GOING DOWN? (A Sex with Stranger Erotica Story) by Cindy Jameson

Samantha is having a horrible day. She snags her stockings at work and then, right outside of her apartment she slips and needs to change all of her clothes. Her husband is at work, so she can’t even complain about it! To top it all off, the handsome Henry helps her up only to get stuck in an elevator with her. Her luck is about to change, though, because Samantha can be very resourceful when up against a wall…and elevator wall.

3. THE STRANGER LIKES IT ROUGH (A First Anal Sex Erotica Story) by D.P. Backhaus

Gretchen loves to hike up to a private little enclave in the mountains where she can sketch and work in privacy. She’s startled when a stranger stumbles upon her private spot, but she’s also intrigued by his raw sexuality. She’s excited about the opportunity to sketch him, and he’s happy to comply. He’s also happy to give her a torrid rough sex encounter that has her on her knees for hard deepthroat and bent over a boulder for her first anal sex experience!

4. THE ENTERTAINMENT IN BALLROOM THREE (A Rough and Reluctant G******g) by Veronica Halstead

It was supposed to be a wonderful and relaxing cruise, and if it turned out that she hooked up with a handsome man, then all the better. She had no idea, though, that this cruise was special and she would indeed be hooking up with a handsome man. In fact, she’d be hooking up with six of them and would be forced into a rough and reluctant gangbang complete with forced deep throat and double penetration!

5. TAKEN IN THE LIBRARY (A Reluctant Sex With Stranger Rough Sex Erotic Short) by Jane Kemp

Miriam likes her new job at the library. It’s quiet and she loves a place free of people, noise, and chaos. Someone else likes it quiet, too because in the quiet sections of the library, he can follow Miriam and have her. She’s reluctant, but no amount of reluctance will help her as she’s taken by a stranger in the library and introduced to deep throat and rough sex.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various stranger sex encounters. It includes rough stranger sex, stranger first anal sex, reluctant stranger sex, stranger group sex, stranger gangbang sex, and public stranger sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Stranger sex is ready for download, so don’t be a stranger yourself; point and click today!

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April 14
Naughty Daydreams Press
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