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Communication has become a critical factor underpinning successful innovation. As a new communication field, innovation communication facilitates the successful launches of new products and services, the establishment of stakeholder relationships, and the strengthening of corporate reputation in the long-run. Consequently, firms today need to develop a strong portfolio of communication tools as an integral part of their strategic innovation management activities. This new edition concentrates on emerging approaches and methods for integrating communication as part of strategic innovation management. A key theme is the provision of an integrated perspective to bridge the gap between innovation management and communication management at both strategic and operational levels. This book makes an important contribution to this evolving academic domain by providing multiple perspectives on the latest research on innovation communication and strategic open innovation. It also provides guidance for managers seeking to understand the diverse ways by which they can leverage communication to support successful innovation.

"The ability to innovate - i.e. successfully introduce new products and services to the market - is a key success factor that underpins the profitability and competitive advantage of firms. [...] From a strategic management perspective, communication represents a critical skill needed to explore and create the diverse routes for the commercialization of ideas across functions, organizations and industries. [...] This book presents an update on the state-of-the art theoretical and practical understanding of this field, building upon the initial steps developed in the first edition.

This new volume bridges the gap between innovation management and communication management to reveal multiple perspectives on strategic innovation."

Ellen Enkel

Head of Dr. Manfred Bischoff Institute for Innovation of EADS Zeppelin University

Business & Personal Finance
January 9
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Springer Nature B.V.

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