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• A guide to achieving success through optimising strengths and reducing performance risks 

• Written by experienced business professionals who founded a professional business strength assessment and development strategy 

• The book links research with a wealth of business expertise to help employees at various levels and capacities – employees, leaders, managers, coaches, facilitators, HR professionals and consultants. 

During the past two decades, research has linked personality strengths to a wide range of positive work and life outcomes, including wellbeing and stress management, motivation, creative problem-solving and improved relationships, self-confidence, career success and teamwork. It has also shown the importance of addressing performance risk areas to achieve the best possible outcomes. Risk areas such as overuse or inappropriate use of strengths, or weaker areas that can disrupt/derail performance, should also be addressed to optimise success. 

This handbook is a practical guide to translating awareness from the Strengthscope® profile into behaviour change and successful results. It will also help readers improve their relationships with others through a better understanding of their strengths and performance risk areas. 

This book has been based on Brook’s and Brewerton’s Strengthscope® suite, an innovative strengths profiling system that helps improve performance. Backed by over 10 years of research, it is used by many leading organisations. The strategy helps people optimise their performance and energy by improving their understanding of: 

• Unique strengths and how to optimise these to achieve exceptional results 

• Risk areas to peak performance, together with powerful ways to reduce the impact of these 

• Positive ways of working that will improve confidence, motivation and success in any situation 

• How to strengthen relationships and work more better with people whose strengths are different from yours 

By understanding and optimising their strengths, energising them and enabling them to do their best work, will help supercharge readers’ performance.

Business & Personal Finance
February 7
Troubador Publishing Ltd

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