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"A critical read for any leader to understand the tapestry of our changing times."
― Charles Adler, Co-founder, Kickstarter

"This book not only lessens our fears of change but gives us the tools to truly harness it for greater productivity and success in the workplace and out of it."
―Abigail Posner - Head of Strategy, Google

"Gustavo's book offers more than just an approach; it provides a roadmap, actionable tips and exercises to help you get fit for change and to ensure you don't just survive, but that you thrive!"
― David Jones, Founder and CEO You & Mr. Jones, Founder One Young World

"Stretch for Change is a great resource to keep us moving in the right direction -- filled with endless excuse-busters for when we fall back into our comfort zone."
―Jonathan Raymond, Author of Good Authority

"Gustavo's belief that we not only can but must become change-fit--to better ourselves and the world around us--is contagious."
―Mandy Burrel, Chair of the Board, Public Narrative

Discover how to thrive in our unpredictable world. Re-engage with your passions and unleash your true potential by stretching your mindset and ability to adapt.

Change is threatening for most of us. The good news is that we can prepare for it. Just as we train our bodies to be fitter, we can train our mindsets and creativity to thrive in change.

Stretch for Change explores a new approach to innovation and to solve problems in both your personal and professional lives:
- Being stuck can do more harm than stretching beyond our comfort zone.
- Organizations waste time solving insignificant problems.
- Everyone has the potential to become a changemaker.
- Accelerating and scaling innovation has less to do with process and more with starting a revolution.
- The best way to overcome resistance is by using it in our favor rather than resisting it.

Stretch for Change challenges traditional change management theories with a down-to-earth and human-centered approach.
In inspiring, easy-to-understand language, it offers a simple framework and many exercises to transform your approach to change leadership.

Author Gustavo Razzetti, a sought-after expert on innovation and change leadership, provides a pathway to help readers achieve their dreams and join the world of innovators. Choose change, and free yourself to improve your adaptability and problem-solving skills.

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July 28
Gustavo Razzetti
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