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In this collection of provocative confessions, both women and men speak of how they came to discover what really gets them going when it comes to a dominating woman taking charge with a strict hand. It is a raw and sometimes extreme look at how the power dynamic between a woman and a man can play out in an infinite number of ways both sexually and in their overall relationship.

The act of a woman physically disciplining a man is at the heart of each narrative, but the way in which this evolves in each instance is very broad and much more complicated than the simple motion of a female’s hand striking a man’s body. The obsession with spanking and being spanked runs throughout most of the personal revelations, but they go far beyond that to deeper needs, to traumatic early-life experiences and to broader visions of living a life in a matriarchal society.

Spanking is tied up in so many emotional, psychological and physical dimensions that it is impossible to distill the whole world of getting a good hard whipping into simple depictions. Yet, it is possible to take the broad array of men and women who have either gotten disciplined or have done the disciplining in a strikingly memorable way and let them speak for themselves.

The stories collected here are chosen from a vast array of confessions due to their unique qualities. There were many similar stories I came upon but the ones printed here really stuck in my mind as being especially exemplary of women with deep desires to spank and men with endless urges to be spanked due to unusually powerful events or people in their lives. The characters run the gamut – fierce-willed wives, bossy bosses, Femdom-believing heads of households, strict stepmothers, spanking addicts, firmly disciplined males, corporal punishment proponents, humiliated cuckolds, strict black queens, power hungry girlfriends, naughty boys and philosophers of matriarchy.

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January 30
Annabelle Watson
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