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Taylor Marsten looks like a guy.

How was I supposed to know there was a woman hiding beneath her baseball hat and baggy clothes? I piss off the stubborn roadie one time, and she starts a prank war. Back and forth we go using public humiliation as a weapon. Our situation turns complicated when I find myself searching her out. I want to piss her off just to receive retaliation. I get off on her attention. 

Our prank war isn’t a war at all. It’s foreplay. 

Ethan Crow is an idiot. 

He insults the way I look, demands I fill his bed with willing groupies, and threatens to have me fired from the tour. He thinks because I’m only eighteen I’ll crumble under his rock star authority, but he ticked off the wrong roadie. What starts as a battle feels more like a dance, and with thousands of women within Ethan’s reach, he only reaches for me. 

Are his feelings for me genuine, or has he managed to pull off the cruelest prank of them all?

April 8
JB Salsbury LLC
JB Salsbury LLC

Customer Reviews

Missy@Bookgasms ,

A fun sexy battle of wits!

What starts out as a prank war turns into oh so much more! And watching Ethen and Taylor “Tommy” Marsten’s battle of wits is fun, sexy and smart!

Tommy’s lived life on the road with her dad, who’s worked as a roadie for her whole life. She’s seen way too much in her eighteen years, which gives her both insight into just how er . . . wild . . . the rock and roll lifestyle can be. And Ethan Crow has certainly taken advantage of his rocker status.

But Ethan sees Tommy –really sees her. Sees the woman beneath the baggy clothes and “take no s&#t” attitude and likes her. A lot. Ethan’s finally realizing there’s more to life after watching his fellow band mates fall in love. And he’s ready for more. Especially if the “more” involves Tommy.

I really enjoyed how Ethan and Tommy danced around each other. That they didn’t give in to the growing attraction that was palpable. That there wasn’t pressure for more except for their growing attraction and desire for each other. But something kept me from loving their relationship—don’t know if it was their age difference or the immaturity in some of their interactions. But I did love catching up with the rest of the band. ~ Missy 4 stars

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