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A common theme runs though this otherwise very varied bouquet of short stories: a sympathy for the victim. Contemporary crime, science fiction, fantasy, historical
adventure, all of them can be found here. A kaleidoscope of villains and heroes follow each other, waiting to entertain you.

Mrs Jones leads her Takamaka Freedom Fighters to rescue thousands of prisoners from the 'Happy Hen Poultry Farm'; an artist trapped in a twisted body finds a unique revenge when the beautiful blonde
treats him with scorn; and Cynthia saves the Earth from invasion by an organism that wants to give pleasure to every human being.

Bob Rich is an Australian, and many of his stories are colored by this unique and fascinating land. In another place, Cecil Tripp might manufacture bombs.
Down Under, he lights a bushfire. Only in Australia could Tim O'Liam be punished in just the way described in 'Let the Punishment Fit the Crime'. And Sarah and Andrew
find out about their different world-views in the beautiful Australian bush.

Other stories could be set anyplace where one person preys upon another. The difference from the norm is that, in these stories, the victims show how to strike back,
how the powerful and arrogant can be made to lose. Having been on the receiving end himself, Bob's sympathies are always with the victim.

Stories are meant to entertain, and these stories do just that

Fiction & Literature
July 21
Loving Healing Press
Ingram DV LLC

Customer Reviews

nzigfried ,

A collection of gems offering brilliant insights into empowerment: justice, revenge, or compassion?

There's nothing like a story in which the underdog wins. But these stories wind their way more deeply into the mind of the reader, leading them to new insights about the dynamics of bullying and the choice a victim must make in order to reclaim their power: justice, revenge, or compassion? As the author explains in the two prefaces, these stories were written during an earlier era of the author's life. This book is a time capsule from a previous era in the timeline of the author's life, revealing shadows of emotions that are likely now long dissipated and vestiges of wounds now healed. Each story is a gem with its own hue and spark, each a colorful variation on a theme. Victimization is a thread that runs through all of our lives, although affecting some of us more intimately than others. Dr. Rich approaches this theme from so many different angles and using such a wide range of literary language that no matter who you are, at least some of these stories will resonate with you - and the others will enlighten you as to the various ways people experience and respond to victimization. Likewise, these stories also provide clear insights into what may go on inside the minds of victimizers and bullies as they inflict their wrath. Whether relating the story of a gruesome crime or a less extreme misdeed, Dr. Rich reminds us through these tales how much our help is needed when we witness wrongs, how important it is to step in when someone is helplessly at the mercy of another who would inflict themselves heartlessly. He also reminds us how each of us has the potential to be the bully and to be the victim. If you "squint" while you're reading (and if you're honest with yourself), you might recognize parts of yourself that have been tempted to bully others (a realization that's a gift, since it points to an area within that is available for healing - and we all have some of those areas). Most importantly, in my opinion, he reminds us of what ultimately saves us all from being that victimizer: our humanity, our compassion, our heart. Compassion is what saves us, and it's what will ultimately save us all on this planet.

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