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She was my biggest regret and an even greater sin.

She was a saint's angel.

I was the devil's son.

I should have never touched Samantha Nicola.

Loving her made me the greatest sinner.

Sammy was the only good I've ever had in my life.

I want it again. I want her again.

But how do I earn her forgiveness when I've done the unforgivable?

How can I be a good man in a family of criminals?

With redemption within reach, danger circles us. Soon a choice will have to be made... risk everything for redemption or walk away from the only salvation I could ever have?

Nailed Down Series:

Book 1 - Nailed Down

Book 2 - Tied Down

Book 3 - Kneel Down

Book 4 - Stripped Down

July 23
Bliss Ink LLC
Bliss Ink LLC

Customer Reviews

Romance213 ,

“I want to know what you want, bella.”

This book has it all!! A hot, Italian guy who is close to his loving and crazy family, along with a Catholic priest who is determined to keep Johnny and Sammy apart. But why is he against their relationship? What tightly held secrets are on the verge of being exposed, and who will they hurt the most?

Johnny Carelli is a sinfully sexy businessman who always gets what he wants, regardless of the consequences. He had one true love in his life, who he never stopped loving. Sammy Nicola was the one that got away, but it was for her own good. Her safety was of utmost importance to him because his life came with danger and secrets, so Johnny saved her from the uncertainty that came with being a Carelli. His life was never the same while they were apart, but in his heart, she would always be his. Ten years ago when they broke up, his father’s business dealings were on the shady side and he couldn’t subject her to that kind of life. Now that Sammy needed him, he knew this was his chance to show her that he was a different man and that his love for her had never died.

ledoss ,

Don’t miss this one. 👍

Here we have the syndicate and trying to escape same. The star crossed lovers, who after many years find each other, again. An interesting scenario, corruption and deceit abounds, within and between the family, friends and church. There is angst, lies, romance and steam, all rolled together in this entertaining read. Another TBR entry.

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