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I’d set flame to that perfect piece of art. Scorched it with a lie because I knew she was too perfect, too pure for me.

Even now, all these years later, I saw the look on her face—the devastated expression that told me I’d crushed her. All that beauty fractured with one lie.

It broke her.

It destroyed me.

The last time I saw her had unhinged me. It had been years, but Sammy had still managed to devastate me with a look. Then, she slapped me right across the face.

But today, in this holy place, at this time, she should know I would find her. I was better prepared this time. I could wait. I could watch and see her pristine self. A perfect vision in her black dress and black hat, clutching her red rosary beads as she closed her eyes and prayed.

Not for me.



Nailed Down Series:

Book 1 - Nailed Down

Book 2 - Tied Down

Book 3 - Kneel Down

Book 4 - Stripped Down

July 23
Bliss Ink LLC
Bliss Ink LLC

Customer Reviews

Racy Carr ,


Wow, such another wonderful book from this author.

I actually felt sorry for Johnny. It had to be hard to know what kind of family you were coming from and to feel unworthy of the girl you were in loved with. Through this book we got to see a very selfless act that Johnny did.

Sammy was the sweet innocent girl that every mother probably picture their son finding. She had one secret sin growing up and that was her feelings for Johnny. When she got older she had a major secret she was keeping.

This was truly a sweet story. Don’t worry there are some steamy parts along the way, trust me the author does not disappoint.

Rinsky13 ,

Sammy & Johnny 😍

This is Johnny Carelli’s book, Kiel’s brother in law from Tied Down. You kinda can’t help but fall in love with his charm here, trying very hard to make amends for past wrongs to the one he’s always loved. And Sammy, as much as she tries to harden herself and keep her distance from the boy who totally broke her heart, she just can’t resist him (but seriously, who could). Things are not easy for them, secrets and lies, and people who don’t want them together make this a rough road for them. But love isn’t always easy. Definitely a must read!!!

KindleKat64 ,

My soul was stripped down!

I have really enjoyed this series co-written by these two wonderful authors, Chelle Bliss and Eden Butler. I’m sad it’s ending, but happy to know there will be more to come from this dynamic duo in the future!
Now on to Johnny, who I may be just a tad smitten with. I knew I was going to love his story because I knew there was so much more to him than what we had been shown in previous books; I just didn’t know how much!! So many emotions ran through me as I read this incredible second chance love story. Johnny and Sammy were meant for each other but life circumstances and family made that impossible. Now 10 years later they could have another chance. Will Sammy’s uncle let that happen? Will Sammy’s secret break any chance they may have had? Can Johnny keep Sammy safe? Can they sift through all the secrets and come out stronger for it? Can they get past what anyone else thinks and just let themselves feel and have the great love they know they could? I loved this book so much!!!
You don’t want to miss this one! What a ride!!

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