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*** Winner Benjamin Franklin Award***

*** Winner Digital Book Award - Academic Category ***

*** Awarded QED Certification for Quality, Excellence and Design ***

Study it Pronunciation is an interactive textbook for English Language Learners. Words come alive with built-in audio and video. You can tap a word to hear its exact pronunciation, watch tutorial videos that teach you the rules of English pronunciation, and most importantly, have fun and learn pronunciation like never before.

Included in the textbook are 8 separate units of English Pronunciation and a Pronunciation Toolbox to help understand the fundamentals of correct pronunciation. 

Study “It”: English as a Second Language series is an engaging textbook for teaching non-native English speakers. It takes advantage of the format to include video and audio in a way that supports the lessons and never feels added on as an “enhancement.” The textbook uses a number of different assessment formats to allow users the Note function effectively for long-form answers. While the content of the book is challenging, it makes learning grammar easy and fun. - Digital Book Award Review

“The ebook is very engaging, offering a reader lots of ways to learn and practice the language. The humor employed is a good way to invite people to not only enjoy the learning process, but to feel comfortable with the new language, because it offers a fun, non-intimidating way to learn. This is a creative, innovative way to introduce non-English speakers to the English language. Engaging photos, creative scenarios, fun and interactive word games are all a plus. This is a very attractive, engaging piece that is visually inviting. It offers a fun, yet practical way of learning everyday English." - Benjamin Franklin Awards 

January 6
James Rice
James Rice

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