Subliminal Influence: Discover The Power of Positive Thinking and Mental Reprogramming

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How often have you thought about the untapped potential your mind holds? Scientists say we only use about 10% of our brain's mental capacity. Where's the other 90%? It's tucked away in our subconscious mind. We all have the power to tap into this hidden source, use it to enrich our lives, and much more. 1 to 2% may not seem like much, but it could change your life.

Originally published under the "Powerful Mind" ebook series consisting of three books, Subliminal Influence is a concept that will enable you to explore and tap into the hidden potential within your subconscious mind.

On his journey, D'Vaughn Bell has discovered a way of combining both art and science to manipulate our understanding of what is truly possible. "We will persuade our mind into believing it's true capabilities," says Bell. "We will exercise our brain, our thoughts, and sharpen our focus."

In this book, you will also learn how to improve your mental health. There are some studies with shocking results that could change the way you view mind and brain development. D'Vaughn Bell ties the research to positive thinking and how to realistically and successfully include it in your everyday life.

"Find out how I can take average, everyday people and turn them into successful entrepreneurs," affirms Bell. Don't forget to read his new book, "Millennial Influence."
Do you want to waste the next few months, even years, practicing mind programming and reprogramming techniques that are damaging your success? Subliminal Influence is your solution.

Health, Mind & Body
October 15
D'Vaughn Bell
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