Submission Is Not Enough

Masters and Mercenaries, Book 12

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Publisher Description

A fallen hero reborn

Theo Taggart lost everything the night he died. His family, his beautiful Erin, and worst of all, he lost himself. A twisted doctor brought him back from the brink of death, but reprogrammed his identity to serve her will. Rescued by his brothers, he must fight to reclaim the man he was and the life, and love, that were stolen from him.

A love worth fighting for

Erin Argent thought she'd lost Theo forever. When he walked back into her life, it was nothing short of a miracle. Months of torture and conditioning at the hands of Dr. Hope McDonald have done damage to Theo that may never be mended. He has no memory of her or the life they shared. Breaking through to him, and helping him rediscover all he lost, will be the toughest mission she's ever faced. Luckily for Theo, Erin loves a good fight.

Their reunion under siege

Unfortunately, Hope is far from done with Theo Taggart. Obsessed with her prize experiment, she will do anything to get him back. If the only way to finally break him of his past life is to kill Erin and his son, then she's only too happy to oblige…

A Masters and Mercenaries Novel by Lexi Blake

October 25
DLZ Entertainment LLC
DLZ Entertainment LLC
Grades 13 and Above

Customer Reviews

Jeni696 ,

Wonderful, passionate second chance at love

Theo has been brainwashed into believing he has no family any life to call his own. Erin lost the only man she has ever loved left to raise their son alone. Now Theo is back from the dead but he can’t remember anything, not his family not Erin or the love they shared. One day at a time Theo and Erin try to find a way to reunite their souls. It was beautiful, emotional and poignant to read.

This is the book when we finally get to see Erin and Theo reunited. At first, it is a bit awkward for both of them. Erin is still in love with the Theo she once knew and Theo is attracted to Erin feels a connection to her but doesn’t know if he loves her. To complicate matters Theo has a son he has no memory of conceiving and he is having a hard time relating to the baby. Completely understandable.

I expected this book to be emotional and it was, I expected it to make me mad and it did. I got what I was looking for out of this story. A passionate tale of love lost and love found. There was no way that Erin and Theo’s reunion was going to be all flowers and romance. It was going to sad, hard and not so pretty. Theo went through unspeakable torture at the hands of Hope McDonald and was made to believe he was nothing more than a tool of brute strength meant to help further her agenda. Of course, he’s going to be confused, sad, angry and frustrated with the people around him that look at him with pleading eyes begging him to remember something.

Lexi Blake pulled all sort of emotions out of me when I was reading this book and to me, that’s the mark of a great writer. Erin was never my favorite character. When she was brought on and Theo was all over her I was kind of like blah. But after Theo was “killed” and Erin had to live with knowing she would never be able to see him again or tell him that they were having a baby I grew to love her. This book made me so want to be her friend, she is awesome! Sometimes Theo made me angry with his self-pity and whiny behavior but again it was to be expected considering his ordeal. Ms. Blake just brought out all the feels with this one.

As always there is lots of suspense and drama to be had in this installment. Ms. Blake also introduces some new characters. Robert for one I am very interested in finding out more about him look forward to his story hope he gets one. Simon’s brother was also another intriguing addition his story sounds like it will be another one to watch out for.

For me, this is another spot-on Lexi Blake tale with all of the elements I have grown to love in her writing. Alpha males and the women who keep them in line. Suspense by the boat loads, laughter, tears and love. Let’s not forget smokin’ hot love scenes. Last but not least Ian Taggart and his wonderful sarcasm – I have a t-shirt that says – “Sarcasm is a state of mind.” If Ian was real I would buy him one.

Favorite line: “I missed you, I missed you before I remembered who you were.”


Sophia14443 ,

Theo ❤️ Erin

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I absolutely love every single book in this series. Each one is just as fresh and new as the first. We waited a long time for Theo and Erin's Love story and it was so worth the wait! Although these two were on the periphery in books before this one we never got a clear view into their relationship and what made these two click together, until now and wooza! This book has it all, action angst adrenaline passion sex love and a happily ever after that will make you smile.

Lexi I am a junkie when it comes to this series, I can't get enough and I am not alone. I love the newer characters you have introduced in the last few books and am anxiously awaiting their stories. Please never stop writing and I will never stop reading😘

Sloppysue129 ,

Worth the read!

Theo and Erin are a great couple and this book gives the reader some insight into the age gap couple. The way they come together and fight for what they could have is really interesting. The only downer is how the "evil" is ended...wanted a better end to that! Love these books.

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