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Miss Kelly Watson is a High School gym teacher with a problem; she doesn’t believe in writing the lesson plans her boss, Paul, wants. Paul has a problem, too; Miss Watson hides her hot body behind loose fitting sweats and track suits every day. One day, however, Paul comes up with a way to fix both of their problems. With a new lesson planner from Eros Teaching Supplies, Miss Watson is soon enthusiastically writing lesson plans, and Paul is enthusiastically enjoying everything Miss Watson’s body has to offer.

Explicit- This approximately 5000 word story contains scenes of a high school teacher being hypnotized into a horny bimbo by her lesson planner into performing acts of masturbation, dressing like a bimbo should, and finally sex with her boss…just the way he had planned it.


Now, back at home, she was trying to decide what to do. She needed to write her lesson plan for Paul, but she wasn't sure how to even start. That infernal book and its colorful design was so distracting she never seemed to be able to even get the thing open.

She walked over to the coffee table where she had tossed it when she got home and picked it up.

"What is it about this thing," she thought to herself, "that is so fascinating? It's just an ugly book."

Kelly had, in fact, asked Paul if she could get her own lesson planner before leaving on Friday. His response had been negative, and rather final.

"No," he had said. "Use the one I gave you, and be grateful the school provided you with it instead of making you buy your own."

Now, here she was at home, once again staring at the ridiculous thing trying to gather the will to open it. As she stared, she failed to notice her hands slipping her pants off before she sat down on the couch. She failed to notice one hand slipping down into her panties, and she failed to notice when her fingers started thrusting into herself.

She finally noticed what her hand was doing when she came explosively. She arched her back, moaned loudly, and finally took her eyes off the lesson planner when she closed them in ecstasy.

Fiction & Literature
February 2
Jill Soft
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