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Submit or Else & Lessons from yester-women’s lives

Women are, and rightfully deserve to be, perceived to be pillars of strength in the family and society at large. Nevertheless, they have always been, and still are, in a battlefield under attack by the devil in his earnest effort to thwart God’s divine plan for mankind.

At an individual level, you might be or have been in an abusive marriage or relationship or you might have witnessed such. You probably struggle with regard to communicating with your husband, wife, or children at some point. You might have been hurt by someone you otherwise ought to trust. You are not sure anymore where advice from your friends fits in with respect to your home-front matters. The Law of Submission holds all these and other relationships on balance.

Amongst other facets of life, this book addresses questions such as:
-- What is submission according to God’s divine plan for mankind?
-- What are the consequences of successful or failed submission?
-- As a woman, should I submit to my husband or my father?
-- Where does homosexuality fit in with regards to submission?
-- Why do some men cheat on their wives?

These and more lessons are interwoven around classic experiences from yester-women’s of the Bible. The book is meant to enlighten and arm you as you soldier on in the ever-growing battlefield. Dare you take that initiative of healing and/or improving your relationships, especially your marriage, friendships, and relationship with your children. God has graced you with the means and resources to live according to his master plan. The choice to wise-up is yours. Get yourself a copy of SUBMIT or ELSE for an insightful guide through that divine master plan.

Religion & Spirituality
June 26
Philile Twala Mwangi
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