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Submitting To Love is the first short story collection from erotica author Carrice McKelvy. This collection includes six scintillating erotica stories. Submitting To Love's stories give you a collection of women's erotica, they mix romance and true love with lustful erotic encounters. Offering reads you cannot stand to put down. It will pull at your desires, wondering what could have been or what could be as the characters masterfully draw you into their worlds. From office romances to rekindled passions, this collection will stir feelings deep in your soul. Carrice Mckelvy arouses you with a collection that will leave you begging for more.

This erotica short story collection contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.

The Billionaire Helena spends her life being in control, at home, work and her relationships. Suddenly someone from her past appears to tempt her control. Will a simple business arrangement turn into more? Will Helena be able to maintain control when Steven has set his sights on her, and he always gets what he wants?

A Love-Hate Relationship James pushes Georgina's buttons in every way and she is fed up. He is so gorgeous, but impossible to work for. She is beginning to lose her desire to be a journalist because of his management style. When James realizes he is about to lose her he takes drastic measures to keep her in his life.

Remembering How To Love Our bodies have a memory even when our minds cannot remember. Elizabeth and Henry are the perfect, passionate couple until an accident erases the last ten years of Elizabeth's memory. She no longer remembers her life with Henry. He knows he cannot lose her so he works on making her fall in love all over again and as their bodies unite memories start to awaken.

Submitting To The Man Upstairs Beth just moved into a new loft looking for peace and quiet to work on her freelance writing. Instead, she finds Ian. A mystery man who is dark, tall, and sexy as sin, he entertains the ladies during the day, which can get quite boisterous. One day Beth cannot take any more noise, she goes to talk to him and an unlikely friendship blossoms. Ian wants to show Beth his world, one of eroticism, pleasure, and fantasy.

Never Letting Go There are loves we never forget filled with passion, pain, sinful desire, and heartbreak. Claudia has tried to forget about Drew for the last 10 years, while Drew has never been able to forget about her. When Drew shows up at her door looking to rekindle the flame he has never lost Claudia does not know what to do. Feeling the passion reignite in her loins, but also the hatred for what he had done.

Falling Back In Love Julia and Victor have a steamy, hot, passionate marriage with one flaw. Victor has a temper. After a night of toe-curling love making Victor pushes her too far and Julia leaves him. When he finally decides he cannot lose her forever what surprise will she have for him? She fantasizes about how well he knew her body and wonders if any man will ever be able to fill the void she feels, but she has more to consider than just herself...

Fiction & Literature
March 5
Ingram DV LLC

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