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Submissive executive assistant Melissa has long been willing to do anything for her boss, the young Billionaire Mr. Ward. When Mr. Ward decides he wants a child to raise as heir to his empire, Melissa discovers just how far she's willing to go to give her boss everything he wants.

Warning: This 3,000 word story contains intense dominance and submission themes and red-hot unprotected sex in the boss's office!

“'Ask me to get you pregnant.'

My mouth went dry but I also felt a secret part of me clench. 'Mr. Ward, I'd be honored if you'd let me carry your child.' Even after so many years of working for Mr. Ward, belonging to Mr. Ward, it was often difficult to say the things he liked to hear out loud. He stared at me unmoved, waiting for me to continue.

'I want you to change my life forever with your cock.' As if he hadn't already. 'I want you to f**k me raw, come inside me, and make me pregnant.' The words were awkward, but saying them increased my desire for the things I was saying. 'Please Mr. Ward, I want to be used by you.' Being used by him was all I ever really wanted.

Mr. Ward stared impassively at me. Had I failed to say the right things? I wanted nothing more than to turn him on, but he had such tremendous control over himself, over what was his, that I never felt as if anything I could say or do would make a difference. I could only follow his commands and make myself as available to him as possible.

'Take your panties off.'

My eyes widened. From his tone, he might have been asking me to make a photocopy. I did as he said, reaching under my skirt to pull my underwear down, then stepping out of it with my heels still on.

'Bend over my desk, please.'"

Fiction & Literature
August 17
Helen Hope
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