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Joe is a business unit leader faced with the ultimate challenge of change as his company enters a merger. The global culture and gaps in Joe’s leadership style threaten the health of the organization and possibly the success of the merger. Will Joe and his team be able to embrace the behaviors necessary to survive the merger and achieve their goals? How will shifts in the overall culture have an impact on Joe’s effectiveness as a leader? Paige Whitmire’s parable describes common behaviors and characteristics individuals often demonstrate during times of change. The story shows the necessity of strong leadership during times of intense change. The simple yet highly effective TLC model provides a method for skill development that can be used in any personal or professional setting influenced by change small or large.  

Advance Praise for Success in the Face of Change  

The goal of any book is to have the reader walk away with a memorable experience that they can immediately utilize…Success in the Face of Change delivers on both counts - the information is clear, concise and compelling, delivered in a format that is engaging and thought provoking.  

Presenting the information in the TLC model takes some fairly complex principles and puts them into a simple and straightforward framework that will increase absorption and adoption… Paige also addresses two very common issues facing many corporations today - mergers and the millennial workforce. These issues are timely and relevant to all organizations, regardless of company size, privately held, or publicly traded.  I wish that I had read this book a year ago! 

Jeff Meisner, CEO at Skyline Sector 5 and Sector 5 Digital  

This book illuminates the succinct and powerful TLC Leadership Model through a memorable and identifiable scenario that is a call to action for any organization. Ms. Whitmire’s extensive strategy, leadership, psychology and human development experience shine through in this easily digestible roadmap for change.  

Bendita Malakia, Founder of The Malakia Movement  

The elements of leadership taken from Success in the Face of Change can be applied to teachers, managers, parents, even husbands and wives. We can all benefit from some TLC.  

Master Wesley Boyer, Southlake ATA Martial Arts and Karate for Kids  

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