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Success is one of those words that has different meanings. More often than not, however we define it, it is misunderstood.

If you see a finely dressed person driving an expensive automobile, without knowing anything else about that person, you can’t help but automatically think, “Boy! That’s a successful person!” It could very well be that he is facing bankruptcy. Or her health is failing. Or his personal life is in shambles.

Likewise, were you to see a somewhat disheveled person driving a late model automobile, you don’t give them a second thought. At the least, you don’t even notice them; at the worst, you might think them unsuccessful or average. You don’t think that they just might not care about their appearance because they have enough wealth to do whatever they want. Or, even if they aren’t wealthy, they might just very well be happy. Or healthy.

Yes, success is difficult to define. It’s on the surface, yet it isn’t. It’s social, yet it’s most certainly personal. It’s something you can touch, yet it’s a frame of mind.

One thing is for certain, though: We all want to be successful.

Do we want money and the trappings of wealth? Of course.

Do we want to be healthy and well? Absolutely.

Do we want a loving family? Without a doubt.

Do we want to be happy? Affirmative.

What you you will find — as some others have found — is that success is a delicate combination of all those things. You need money (or at least a certain amount). You need to have good health. You need family and the love and support that comes with it. And you need happiness — that overall feeling of being content and satisfied.

   What you will read in this book will set you on a path to attaining all of those. The authors range from business geniuses to doctors to experts. Each has a story to tell and helpful methods to share. Each will address a piece of the puzzle of success—wealth, health, relationships, happiness. From them, you will learn how to go about getting them for yourself.

And you must do that — get them for yourself — as no one can do it for you. Sure, people can point in the right direction. They can, at times, even help. But the heavy lifting? Well, that’s on you.

Fortunately, you will find, as you read this book, that no heavy lifting is required. Rather, you will discover that the aspects of success are made in your mind: how you think, how you feel, and how you perceive life and everything in it.

Success Is Beautiful features a diverse array of notable authors, including Charles F. Haanel, J.F. (Jim) Straw, David R. Portney, Tom Nicoli, Claire McGee, Steven Jae Johnson, Bryan James, Stephen Hewett, Thomas G. Papps, Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, Rudyard Kipling, Anthony Raymond Michalski.

By the time you finish this book, you will come to a conclusion. It is a conclusion that has been made by those who have attained success. That conclusion is that success — however you imagine it and whatever it means to you — is Beautiful.

Having wealth is Beautiful.

Having health is Beautiful.

Having good relationships is Beautiful.

Having it all is Beautiful.

Beauty is a state of mind. It’s in the “eye of the beholder.”

And so is success.

Read on! Attain your success! Live your life!

Or, as we like to say: Read. Succeed. Beautiful.

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August 28
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Kallisti Publishing