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“Don’t limit your future based on your current skills. Empower your future by learning from Cary and his wonderful book.” Rebecca Kochenderfer, CEO of Homeschool.com 

“This unique and inspirational book teaches students how to be successful in school right now, while developing the skills that employers absolutely need in the 21st century.” Pat Wyman, “America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert” and CEO of HowToLearn.com

Successful students and successful employees have something in common: a well-developed skill set that goes beyond book smarts. The skills needed for success in the classroom and on the job can be honed with deliberate effort and the right resources.

Academic success skills—note-taking, reading for understanding, preparing for and taking exams, using resources such as advisors and academic coaches, participating in experiential education opportunities— enable students to perform at the level of their academic ability. Soft skills— communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, ability to work on a team, strong work ethic, and professionalism— underpin academic and career success. Leadership—influencing people to achieve common goals—is the key to personal and shared success.

Success Skills for High School, College, and Career provides step-bystep guidelines and hands-on exercises to enable students to enhance their academic performance and prepare for future career success. This book helps students construct realistic expectations for achieving success, develop self-awareness, build a future-oriented attitude, and improve their academic success skills, leadership skills, and soft skills. If you want to build skills essential for academic success and career readiness, this book is for you.

Prior to starting his own business, Dr. Cary J. Green spent twenty years teaching, advising, mentoring, and supervising university students. He spent ten years in leadership positions in higher education, taught leadership and academic success classes, and received numerous teaching and mentoring awards. He also mentored student-leadership-development organizations and was influential in the development of a college-level student-leadership academy. In his new book, Success Skills for High School, College, and Career, Dr. Green equips students with skills for academic and career success. He recently founded Leadership and Soft Skills Training and is currently a student-leadership expert on HowToLearn.com. Please visit CaryJGreen.com for more information on his online courses and coaching.

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September 23
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