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This book is a how to manual that gives us a thinking process in sequential steps for action/execution that would help us achieve success in spite of severe resource constraints. These sequential steps obviate the need for excessive resources to achieve even what normally we think are near impossible to achieve. “Give me a place to stand and I will lift the Earth with my hand” said Archimedes. He was talking about the principle of lever and a physical fulcrum that make it easy to get things done. How about creating a mental fulcrum to get things done as easily? This book is all about creating a mental fulcrum.
We envision, set goals, plan and prepare the road map/action plan to achieve what we intend- both in our personal and official lives. But if we don’t act on the plan, there is no result. Many overcome this hurdle of inaction and start action alright - only to realize there are numerous hurdles to overcome on the way, for which they do not have the required resources in adequate quantities. This book outlines an execution strategy to achieve results both in personal and official lives particularly when there is severe resource constraints- a situation that is universal. When you feel that you have taken great life decisions but you don’t have adequate resources to execute them, Success through PICKSS gives a simple practical way to execute with a fraction of the resources that you thought were required -and yet execution is complete and effective. Indeed Success through PICKSS gives a mental fulcrum to us.
In this book we have linked the principles of energy to the art of management and self help. We have been very impressed with the results that we have got using this for over 40 years. This is what drove us to write this book. Everyone can use these concepts irrespective of his background, education or experience, caste, creed, religion, ism, language, nationality or the historical background of his nation. You put what we say here to test and you will feel the thrill that goes with experiencing a “great work of art.” That is why Success through PICKSS is not for understanding yet another concept but meant to be put into practice.
As all the seven steps of PICKSS are based on energy principles they give a scientific basis for our thinking process that creates our mental fulcrum. The other advantage we get, because PICKSS is based on laws of energy, we get a thinking process that will stand the test of time. Use of PICKSS will be timeless unlike most management concepts and tools.
This book is for personal and official lives; in official life this book is for both employees and entrepreneurs – particularly start ups, small and medium, though the approach can be used by big industries as well.
This book is for those who are struggling to make a mark and achieve the desired grade, result, goal or the change but think reaching the goal needs huge resources that are simply not available, those who think “if only this wasn’t that way or this way!” and to people at large suffering from perceived or real resource constraints to accomplish their vision and give them a sense of achievement, success and happiness.

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February 21
Muthuswamy N
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