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Until very recently, virtually all corporate trainers and instructional designers followed the traditional route to training--they identified their organizations' needs and then prepared and delivered formal event-based programs that were primarily classroom or e-learning based. Several learning professionals still take this way, even though they probably realize it cannot survive much longer. In a fast-paced corporate environment, where customer needs evolve rapidly and competitors bear down harder and faster than ever, training professionals need to learn new pedagogical techniques and incorporate novel delivery systems to remain as contributing members of their organizations.

Reputed training professional, Bill Cushard, and corporate veteran, Mitchell Levy know how to train the trainers for this new scenario. In #SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet Book02: Critical Skills All Learning Professionals Can Put to Use Today, they share five critical skills that every trainer needs to deliver innovative and cost-effective learning initiatives. They mold their readers' perspectives so that they can think afresh about how to support the businesses they serve. Bill and Mitchell demonstrate why learning professionals need to focus on results rather than activities, understand what businesses expect from any training, and speed up how they deliver training.

Readers of Bill and Mitchell's timely new book will build skills that they need to be successful learning professionals for the future. The book clarifies the latest technologies in the field including mobile learning, which is transforming the delivery of education and training. Filled with practical ideas readers can implement in their jobs right away, this book also shares new terminology and state of the art thinking so that readers get current and relevant thoughts and ideas in their areas of expertise.

#SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet Book02: Critical Skills All Learning Professionals Can Put to Use Today...

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April 26
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