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Volume 2, Issue 1 of Successful Startup 101, a magazine for budding entrepreneurs, startup founders and small business owners that covers business planning, strategy, management, accounting, finance, sales and marketing.

In this month's issue:

* Ten Strategic Imperatives for Every Business, by William Buist
* Entrepreneurialism Is Dying. "Experts" Want To Fix It By Ignoring Small Business Startups - by Chuck Blakeman
* 10 Tough Quandaries That Lead Entrepreneurs Astray, by Martin Zwilling
* Avoid These 3 Mistakes As A New Entrepreneur, by Dale Partridge
* The Habit of No, by Ethan Austin
* 6 Stress Busting Tips for Self Employed Business Owners, by Jenny Okonkwo
* Building a Business with Friends: Difficult, But Not impossible - by Cristopher Ramirez
* How to Avoid Falling Short of Your Sales Goal This Year, by Jill Konrath
* 5 Commonly Missed Tax Deductions for Small Business Owners, by Bert Seither
* 10 Easy Steps to Reduce the Costs of Running Your Business, by Michael Evans and Peter Duff
* Necessary Prerequisites to Finding Funding for Your Startup, by Kevin Carney
* 3 Business Investments Every Entrepreneur Should Make, by Rieva Lesonsky
* Which is the Right Startup Funding Option for You? - by Travis Levell
* Crowdfunding is Unparalleled Impact on the Startup Landscape, by Matt Ward
* Movie Spotlight: January's Must See Movie For Entrepreneurs: The Wolf Of Wall Street
* A Blueprint for a Killer Product Launch, by Lindsey Groepper
* 7 Navy SEAL Sayings That Will Keep Your Team Motivated, by Brent Gleeson
* A Startup is Guide to Professional Networking, by Jason Demers
* Partnership Feature: Sorority of Survivers
* Facing The Inferno: Through The Eyes Of A Successful Entrepreneur
* 3 Invaluable Lessons for the Hopeful Startup Founder

Business & Personal Finance
February 10
Tabitha Naylor
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